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The Big picture

Vulnerability and fragility of local ecosystems. Humans find their social serenity and autonomy through the acquisition of their resources and especially through work. However, too great economic and social disparities occur in our relations with the intangible heritage of small communities.

Our mission

To socially and sustainably improve the value chain of companies for human rights strengthening and preserve the intangible heritage of humanity preservation.

Our vision

To guarantee the sustainable development of our societies through human rights and respect of cultural diversity.

To make your strategic

decisions match the cultural

resonances of the world.

(Manifesto available soon)

Our expertise

Cultural engineering, a precious asset for the sustainable and virtuous development of companies.

Your business and your projects are first and foremost human adventures. We guide companies towards conscious management and sustainable development practices by breaking down the barriers of collective thoughts. Our expertise in cultural engineering, based on Sociocultural anthropology, offers you to analyze the interactions of groups, individuals, internally (your teams) as well as externally (your customers, suppliers, institutions, etc.) as close to realities as possible. We support you in observing, understanding, and interpreting practices and behaviors to adapt and harmonize your approaches.

Our services

With the ever-growing complexity of your ecosystems, FORWEAVERS uses his expertise to tackle your most complex issues related to human behavior. We identify and untie blocking points in your operative system that cannot be detected by conventional data analysis approaches.

Our approach in cultural anthropology aims to put human relations back at the center of your strategies through the support of cultural diversity and the intangible human heritage.

01 — Consulting in ethical supply chain strategy

Specialized in the anthropology of actors in production and supply chains, we support companies in the development of fair and balanced relationships with their stakeholders. Our expertise helps them regain control of the cultural and social impacts on their ecosystems, from small communities to the end consumer, and thus increase their performance in terms of responsible management of supply chains, the main CSR’s blind spot

  • Social audit with a field approach, measurement of their impact and alert companies on the needed integration of respect for Human Rights in their sustainable development approach (social equality, gender equity)
  • Digital traceability solution
  • Identify, enhance and develop their intangible cultural heritages and safeguard those who may be threatened by their activities.
  • Responsible sourcing solutions (organic materials and ingredients):

02 — Research lab in creative inspiration

We support trend offices or creation studios in the smooth running of their creation projects:

  • Cultural inspirations: nourish your creative inspirations by studying other societies or other eras, avoiding accusations of cultural appropriation or cultural missteps.
  • Textile innovation: research, co-design and production of rare and innovative fabrics from exceptional know-how from around the world.

03 — Learning Expedition and Conferences

  • We offer Learning expeditions in France (museums, workshops, etc.) and internationally for brands (Comex, teams, etc.) who wish to meet other cultures or inspiring universes.
  • Conferences to 
    executive comities
     on cultural anthropology themes breakdown their barriers of certainties and question their 
    current business models to take part in the establishment of new, more virtuous paradigms.

They trust us

Creators in high luxury brands

Cosmetic brands laboratories

Heads of creation studios in materials R&D

Architects and interior designers

Marketing & Communication Department

Executive committees

Who are we?

FORWEAVERS is a cultural engineering consulting firm founded by Ali Rakib, social entrepreneur. He has developed an anthropology caring for vulnerable populations, an anthropology of gestures, praxeologies and of the intangible human heritages. FORWEAVERS aims to support and secure communities in their development by creating financial autonomy.

We act like transmitters of knowledge, gestures and know-how, a bridge between local artisans and brands. We materialize the crossroads where the cultures of several continents intersect. We wish to act as guide interpreters for clients who wish to respectfully deepen their knowledge of these cultures and maintain healthy social ties.

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